Wednesday, December 9, 2015

“Education is Politics” Shor

“Education is Politics” by Shor is about how fundingeffects schools and how less funded schools are more disadvantaged then schools with more resources. And is a system that the well-funded schools have excess resources and the poorly funded schools receive less and less resources.

I can relate Shor’s work to Johnsons and Kristof. I believe it is similar to Johnson because this work has a lot of parts that I believe relate to privilege. That schools which are more well-funded are typically located in privileged areas. Which can also relate to this American Life and the re-segrigation of the school system. I believe this work relates to Kristof’s article about how inequality is institutional, not individual. I believe all these articles include
how money impacts school system and how it is designed to keep the good schools good and the bad schools bad, and it effects everyone.

I also can relate this work to my service learning. The school I am in is clearly poorly funded. The teacher to student ratio is very good, however
students with special needs don’t receive the help they need. Also school activities are very limited. I can remember in my elementary, middle and high school we had many activities outside of the classroom. We were able to go on expensive field trips and had many sports teams and after school activities. I believe I was able to do all these activities because of the funding our schools got. The school I am in the students will not have access to these types of resources and will suffer for it.

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