Sunday, October 18, 2015

In the Service of What? by Kahne and Westheimer

After reading Erica's blog about In the Service of What? By Kahne and Westheimer. I agree with the point she makes about how many people who participate in service learning only participate until they have met their required hours, and how that many service learning projects have become about charity and not about change. I liked the quote she used about the girl who volunteered at the veteran’s memorial senior center for thanksgiving. This was a strong representation about how giving back to the community helped her feel better about herself for giving back to the community but did not bother to really understand the situations these people have come from.
 I do agree that a lot of things can be learned from service learning projects and they can be great learning experiences for all who participate. I can relate to your experience so far in your service learning project. I spend an hour in two different classrooms, and I have done my best to learn all their names and things about them. I can defiantly see them become more interested in working with you the more effort you put in to get to know them.

I also think that some people are afraid to get involved in service learning because of working in poorer school and the stereotypes that are related to those schools. Like in the article when she explained about were nervous about going to schools in a poor area. This is another reason why I think service learning is important to help dispel stereotypes and prejudices that people may have about schools in poorer areas. In the article the students who were nervous are often surprised by their experience and realize the students are just normal kids wanting to learn


  1. Thanks for using my blog! I really like the extra points you made in regards to your own personal service learning.

  2. I really liked how you spoke about service learning as a way to end or try to end the stereotypes that exist.

  3. Completely agree with you and Erica about learning about the students. Forming that bond has made going into the classrooms easier and more enjoyable.